Workspace design

Creating a tailored home for your work family
The design phase is where things become exciting! Drawing on the intelligence secured during the Dynamics and Strategy phases, creation of your new environment now really begins. From initial concepts, through walk-through visuals and all the way to cost analysis and supply chain development, watch your new workspace take shape before your eyes.

A transparent creation process

Using advanced technology, we provide comprehensive concept designs, mood boards and virtual-reality walkthroughs supported by detailed technical construction drawings to give you full visibility of your new proposed space. You’ll also have full sight of the building analysis, test-fitting and space-planning stages, giving you confidence in the detail of proposed construction.

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Request an initial discussion

The advantage of in-depth design

Thoroughness at design stage ensures nothing unexpected arises when your workspace is built. That’s why we put so much into design visualisation and construction drawings, to ensure that you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

From the brief established at strategy stage, through building analysis, concept design and then detailed design, we work with you to fully map out the workspace that will fulfil every aspect of your organisational and personnel needs. And we ensure that you remain fully involved throughout the process.

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