Corporate Social Responsibility

We take very seriously our responsibility to operate in a way that does no harm to people or the environment.

In the workplace

As an employer, we encourage collective and individual responsibility. Our team members are at the heart of our business and it’s their talent and skills that help us achieve our vision.

We have an Innovation Committee that enables employees to suggest ways in which we can improve our efficiency and operate more sustainably. All suggestions are considered carefully and acted upon whenever a benefit is demonstrated.

Our working methods are constantly evolving. For example, through adapting to more agile working practices, we have reduced the amount of paper our business consumes. And we use digital collaboration tools to use our time more efficiently and reduce the need to travel.

With every project we handle, the health and safety of the people involved – both our own employees and others – is paramount, so we appoint an external, independent company to provide oversight and ensure that rigorous standards are maintained.

We have sought – and won – accreditation under the following:

In the community

As a successful business we look to give back to society, so we have worked closely with The Grace Trust.

The Grace Trust is a grant making charity, established for nearly 50 years and run entirely voluntarily. It uses the funds it receives from us and other like-minded donors to make grants to a wide range of causes. Over the years, it has supported around 500 charities ranging in size from very large, international organisations – including Save The Children and UNICEF – to small, local charities, such as those supporting the many local air ambulances across the UK.

We support The Grace Trust because it applies a comprehensive and stringent selection procedure before making any grant, providing peace of mind that the money we donate goes to thoroughly vetted, bona fide charities who will extract the maximum value from our donations.

We also donate directly to LandAid, a UK charity dedicated to reducing youth homelessness in the UK, the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk and Rapid Relief Team (RRT) who provide humanitarian crisis relief across the globe.

In the environment

Our aim is to do more with less. We use the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to establish each site’s structure and produce our designs for approval before any physical resources are deployed. This improves work efficiency, reduces material wastage and minimises our environmental footprint. Our designs themselves are created with a holistic approach that considers their place within, and impact upon, the wider environment.

All the products we source are carefully selected with their social and environmental credentials in mind, from a preferred list of ethical suppliers. We use materials in ways that produce less waste, saving our clients’ money and minimising the resources used. The quality we build into our projects ensures they stand the test of time, thereby reducing the demand on resources in the future.

Trading details

Company Trading Name: Woodhouse Contracts Ltd

Registered Address: 40 Beaconsfield Road, Hatfield, AL10 8BB

VAT Registration Number: 287 5729 45

Company Registration Number: 09539657

CIS UTR Number: 80360 18610