A sustainable future
is the result of choices made today, personally and organisationally.

Designing with sustainability in mind

We’ve had a full rethink about our approach to sustainable practices – not just for what we do daily, but ensuring every space we create is designed with sustainability at its core.

Sustainability at the heart
of every workspace project.

On every project that we’re commissioned to carry out, we are looking at ways to minimise the environmental impact in the way that we execute the project, and create a workspace that ensures lasting sustainability.

Supporting pursuit of accreditation:

Our all-encompassing approach


We carefully assess the origins, mileage and usage of all materials we use, considering their full lifecycle. We only specify products from accredited sources, and keep a close eye on their composition, recyclability and related energy consumption.


We’re careful with our planet’s most valuable resource. We minimise our own water consumption, and implement smart technology for our clients, so that it’s only used when needed.


We make it as easy as possible to minimise waste and reuse what’s no longer needed, by incorporating multiple integrated recycling and waste points into our workspace designs.


We liaise with our supply chains to minimise packaging and implement comprehensive waste management plans during our project execution. In doing so, we limit landfill and our wider impact on the planet. We also explore all opportunities to reuse materials during demolition phase.


Because our collective footprint is important to us, we’re well-versed in designing low-carbon schemes that are truly fit for the future. We do this by creating spaces that use energy only when needed, and do so as efficiently as possible.


We create smart buildings by installing clever tech that allows our clients to maximise efficiency, and implement sustainable practices every day.

Our own commitment to better choices.

We’ve made a promise to help create a planet that’s not only fit for us, but for future generations too. We’re going to do this by minimising our impact across everything we do, and designing spaces that help others do the very same.

We’re doing this by striving to minimise the impact of our daily activity, within our own offices and across everything that we do.

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