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Following expansion in recent years and the outgrowth of their old space, combined with post-pandemic changes in the approach to work, the management team of veterinary company, Medivet, wanted to invest in a people-centric Support Centre that would nurture health and wellbeing, creativity, motivation, and performance. They chose a 18,000 square foot space in the heart of Watford’s business district, and appointed Woodhouse to transform it into their new home.

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Developing brief together

The process was very consultative from the outset – Woodhouse held several meetings with stakeholders to discuss space typologies and develop the brief together. Woodhouse encouraged the team to think about ‘work settings’ and working in ‘neighbourhoods’ rather than rigidly sitting at work desks.

Walk-throughs in the space helped the team overcome this mindset and stay true to their over-riding purpose, to have a more open space where teams could truly convene and collaborate.

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The Hyde building is a premier office space in Watford, with impressive on-site amenities and outstanding natural light throughout all floors. Medivet’s choice to invest in such a premium location set the scene for a great office space.

The new office is absolutely fantastic – a complete game changer for how we operate as a business in terms of collaboration and communication. We’re glad we chose Woodhouse to bring our vision to life.

Steven Holley
Head of Property

Meeting every need

As Medivet was taking a big step in moving to fully agile working, Woodhouse ensured that the space provided employees with a variety of space typologies and furniture styles. These range from formal to informal and enclosed to spacious, including a multi-functional social space. Balanced with these practical spaces are features that focus more on health and wellbeing including a private wellbeing room.

There are no assigned offices, promoting an open and collaborative culture. Keen to maximise the natural light coming from the central atrium, Woodhouse came up with slats in the reception which let light in whilst retaining privacy. And lighter finishes around the perimeter of the floorspace maximise the feeling of natural light.

The whole space is complemented by futureproof technology, which will ensure they remain connected as they grow. We also advised on acoustics in the space – this needed particular attention because of the exposed ceiling in the building.

Project summary

Medivet Support Centre has transformed to a light-filled, welcoming, open space that caters to every way of working – the positive energy and outlook is palpable. It is a workplace that the staff can be proud of, where teams can work effectively, where individuals can reach their potential, and together they can grow the Medivet business for the future.


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