A more efficient and flexible space in the Bluefin building



A fresh space for Forsta

Forsta is a forward-thinking technology company specialising in research and experience software. Following its decision to embrace post-pandemic hybrid working, we were invited to fit-out their new workspace in the iconic Blue Fin Building in the heart of London. The new space was in the same building but on a different floor – it had to feel like home, but be better and fresher, and make clever use of space. All this had to be achieved in a busy, occupied building – something that we are used to but which always requires flexibility and clever timetabling.

Media / Technology

Pared-down aesthetic

At the top of the list was the tasteful inclusion of the Forsta brand throughout the space, and we did this by incorporating bright pops of the brand palette into soft furnishings, joinery and wall art.

Clean, pared-down styling creates the illusion of space – pale timber slats, herringbone flooring and potted plants give a modern, but homely, feel. Cutting-edge audio visual is housed in bespoke cabinetry.

Flexible creative space

Breakout areas had to be multi-functional, incorporating flexible furniture for informal collaboration, creative workspace and social downtime. This ensures that no-one is ever far from a place to touch down and connect with colleagues. Soft seating is placed invitingly by floor-to-ceiling windows, maximising the dramatic cityscape below.

Project summary

The end result: a brighter, fresher home, where Forsta people can connect, collaborate and create.


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